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AWS Cloud

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At GeoActio, we have a long track record of collaborating with Public Authorities and Transport Operators in developing cloud-based technological solutions for smarter and more agile mobility, resulting in optimized fleet management and enhanced user experience.

The “AWS Public Sector Partner” badge is a valuable distinction that recognizes partners with expertise in providing effective solutions to help government organizations worldwide fulfill their missions.

This badge accredits our extensive experience in developing intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions, making us a key partner in helping Transport Authorities and Operators achieve their goals in this field.

Mobility Solutions on AWS

Designed to provide scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for both Operators and Public Transport Authorities, reducing environmental impact and optimizing the user experience.

Discover how our cloud solutions can help you achieve your goals and improve mobility in your city or region.

Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) solution with centralized fare intelligence in the cloud
Occupancy prediction system for regular transport services.

Operations Assistance System based on native cloud technology, offering flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.


Mobile applications to provide travelers with the best service and user experience

Demand analysis platform and identification of mobility origin-destination matrices
Multiservice route calculation platform with common access based on ABT Ticketing

Efficiency and scalability of your ground operations, thanks to our cloud services

Data-Centric Transformation

We specialize in managing and processing large volumes of critical data, contributing to Transport Authorities and Operators in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing valuable information to make strategic decisions that improve mobility in cities and regions.

Using our Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence solutions, we can help you identify patterns and trends in transportation and mobility, predict user behavior, and optimize operational efficiency.

Cloud Platforms

In the mobility sector, cloud technology is crucial for success. The most innovative Public Administrations worldwide have demonstrated that the future of mobility lies in the cloud, and we specialize in providing solutions that accompany this transformation process.

With our public cloud migration solutions, cloud-native applications, FinOps services, and security, we can provide Transport Authorities and Operators with a scalable and secure platform that seamlessly integrates with their current environment, enabling them to fully leverage the advantages of the cloud without sacrificing stability or operational security.

IoT Solutions

We are a leading company in the application of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and the development of solutions for intelligent mobility. We have extensive experience in integrating sensors and devices with cloud communication capabilities, enabling optimal data management and real-time decision-making.

The ability to integrate and master IoT technology and connected vehicles is a crucial competitive advantage in the intelligent mobility industry. At GeoActio, we focus on facilitating the transition to this technology through a gradual and planned implementation. This way, our clients can effectively adopt this technology and establish the foundations for more efficient and sustainable transport management in the future.

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