Case studies

Reus City Council

Client challenge

The Reus City Council faced the challenge of implementing a public bike-sharing system for the first time in the city. Due to the lack of a previous system, the City Council required the complete development of a management system that would allow them to operate the service efficiently.

Company solution

We designed and implemented an innovative solution based on the AWS cloud for the Reus City Council, with a container and Kubernetes management platform that would provide optimal scalability and availability for the proposed system. The proposed solution allowed the City Council to efficiently and securely manage and control the bike-sharing system, including fleet management, real-time tracking of bike locations, online reservation and payment options, among other key aspects. This solution was tailored to the specific needs of the Reus City Council, ensuring a personalized and effective solution.

Results achieved

The implementation of the designed solution was a success for the Reus City Council. The technical capability and expertise of our company enabled the design and implementation of an innovative and complex solution, adapted to the specific needs of the Reus City Council, introducing significant improvements in the management and control of the public bike-sharing service in the city.