Mobility 4.0

We help transport operators and public authorities to adapt to the new mobility paradigm: an intelligent, sustainable, safe, connected and customer-centric mobility.

Smart mobility requires collaboration: our solutions are integrated with countless third-party solutions, and we work with university research and innovation laboratories. We have an extensive network of partners with whom we multiply learning, experiences, and the ability to generate value.


GeoActio continuously invests in R&D to advance in domains such as Native Cloud platforms, continuous learning systems based on Artificial Intelligence, and Connected Vehicles. As a result, our solutions are dynamic, scalable, and secure, providing real-time value-added services, optimizing costs, increasing flexibility, and enhancing the citizen experience.

Our team of professionals consists of software engineers and civil engineers specialized in mobility. This dual perspective helps us generate the greatest value by understanding our clients’ needs optimally.


Our public transportation

solutions ecosystem


Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) platform that provides a global e-Ticketing system.

A platform for marketing digital public transport tickets based on user accounts and centralized in the cloud.


Integration with SAE to offer real-time information

Development of customized mobile applications to provide information to users of public transport services.


Optimal routes calculation Platform by combining different means of transport.

Personalization of transportation services that the planner will take into account in the travel proposals.


Predicts service occupancy, helping the operator to improve service sizing and reinforcement.

Occupancy prediction platform for public transport services based on Deep Learning methods.


Provides insight into mobility patterns through daily and automated generation of O/D matrices.

Artificial Intelligence for daily and automated analysis of load profiles, O/D matrices and demand patterns.


Development of customized mobile applications that provide information to users of public transportation services.

We have the experience to prototype your idea within a matter of days, verify its value generation, and scale its capacity and impact on a large scale.



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We are a principled and values-driven company, where we place people and knowledge at the core of our purpose. Our successes are the result of a vocational activity carried out with a vital purpose and passion.


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