Cloud-centralized Account Based Ticketing (ABT) and fare collection platform

What is it


It is a public transport ticketing and fare collection platform based on user accounts and centralized in the cloud.

With an Account Based Ticketing system:

The right to travel is managed by the centralized cloud platform (which dynamically calculates and collects the corresponding fare).

Passengers carry only a "token" that identifies them in the cloud.

With ABT the passenger therefore does not carry a ticket, but a “token” that identifies him as an account holder with right to travel.

Some of the identification "tokens" and fare rules already in operation:

Legacy system

Cloud ABT system

User account
Centralized management
Right to travel
Ticket based
Account based




For the operator or transport authority

        • Fare flexibility: postpaid, prepaid, pay -as-you-go, capped fares, auto top-up…
        • Immediate fare collection without commissions (and other reduction of costs)
        • Improved passenger loyalty
        • Easier integration with other systems (like intermodal MaaS platforms etc)
        • Operational data always available and updated

For passengers

        • They do not need to buy tickets (avoiding queues)
        • They travel with the best available rate (even with transfer)
        • Passengers may present the “token” they prefer
        • They personally manage their data and preferences

Already in operation

ActioTicket is a leading platform among transport operators and authorities, currently functioning in 12 urban and interurban transport services that accumulate the following figures:

170 million

passengers per year





actioticket has been distinguished with the ‘Seal of Excellence‘ awarded by the European Commission.

This seal of excellence is awarded to solutions of an innovative nature and high competitive value.

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