Case studies

Lleida City Council

Client challenge

The Lleida City Council was looking for a solution to improve the ticket purchasing and validation process in the city’s public transportation system. Cash payments on board the vehicles hindered service efficiency and increased risks for drivers who had to handle money. Additionally, there was no effective way to collect and analyze real-time data to improve the service and decision-making.

Company solution

We implemented the ActioTicket platform in Lleida, an AWS cloud-based Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) platform that enables remote ticket purchase and on-board validation. This optimized the commercial speed of the service and protected drivers by eliminating the need for cash handling through its contactless validation system. Moreover, the platform was designed to be attractive and adaptable to the branding of the operator and the Lleida City Council. It is scalable for potential modifications and data expansion, supports multiple languages, and interoperates with other external services. The platform also includes security measures and best practices to protect against unauthorized use or denial-of-service attacks.

Results achieved

After the platform implementation, the Lleida City Council was able to reduce cash payments on board the vehicles, which improved service efficiency and protected drivers from cash handling. Passengers could purchase and validate tickets faster and more conveniently, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, the platform allowed for the collection and analysis of real-time data to improve decision-making and overall service quality. The platform was well-received by users and drivers, and the Lleida City Council was able to customize it to their needs and branding. In summary, the implementation of the ActioTicket platform was a successful solution for the Lleida City Council, significantly improving the ticket purchasing and validation process in the city’s public transportation system.